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  • My Own Voice - HC Milano (Italy)

    It features the collaboration of: Dome from Face Your Enemy, Black from Rejekts, Guido from FIRST BRAWL and Cippa from Punkreas.

    The artwork is a creation of the almighty Dim Sum and the vitruvian Try Stan, and it includes 4 bonus album covers you can choose from.

    Exile Underground is the result of a DIY Conspiracy with: MobSound, SOUND TOWN, Professional Punkers, Rof Distro Record, Scatti Vorticosi Records, Otreb, True Believers DIY Booking & concerts, Distruggi La Bassa Festival, Wanted Records, Calimocho DIY, Togue Sòl Distribucion, Malammòre DIY, Rebound Action Records.



    My Own Voice - "Exile Underground" - CD 2020

    € 7,00Prezzo
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