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  • Spike Polite & Sewage is a powerhouse punk rock band, formed in the spring of 1991 in the
    historic Lower East Side of New York City, the birthplace of American Punk in the mid 1970s.
    Led by its founding member, the charismatic and venerable punk rocker Spike Polite, they have
    spread their brand of fast driving rhythms (reminiscent Ramones), distinct urban visuality
    (reminiscent Billy Idol) and melodic songwriting (reminiscent Green Day), into their own unique
    blend of original punk rock. Recent tours include the tour of Italy in the Fall of 2015 and in winter
    2016. They are preparing to tour again internationally this summer season (2017) celebrating
    their 26th anniversary year. 14 tracks with the vibes of NYC Street Punk re-recorded with the aid of the Italian line-up(Lorenzo, Alex, Pietro Twist, Ruggero) with Spike on vocals and guitar, enclosing his mostfamous songs plus two new previously unreleased singles "Credit" and "Subway ":The Album will be soon printed on CDs and distributed worldwide by Professional Punkers andit is already available starting from today. 
    Press:January “Out and about in East Village” “Life After Death: Clinging to Punk Rock with CJ Ramone” Dailey - “The Rip Van Winkle of Punk - nsfw” - “The Triumphant Return of Spike Polite and Sewage”‘SEWAGE nyc Punk Rock Party’ - European Tour 2015 @Circolo Svolta - Rozzano (Italy)‘nyc SEWAGE’ at the "Tompkins Square Park Riot: 25th Anniversary”‘SEWAGE’- Punk Religion‘SEWAGE’- Hi Def video‘nyc SEWAGE’- Hi Def (Fontanas)‘SEWAGE nyc’- Department Of Correction - European Tour June 2015 @Circolo Svolta(Italy) June 2015‘Spike Polite & SEWAGE’ - Search and Destroy (The Stooges) - Live @The Grand VictoryNY (USA) Grand Victory NYC Nov 2015
    Full Bio:The early days of SEWAGE as a band, began as squatters at 3BC hanging out in TompkinsSquare Park and involving themselves in the riots including the 1991 Riot. Sewage hasperformed multiple times in the celebrated New York City Cannabis (Pot) Parade with rockerDavid Peel; Onyx, and Cypress Hill (a popular Hip Hop act in 1992). On June 27th 1993,Sewage opened up the fatal final show of infamous scum rocker GG ALLIN. Sewage hasperformed at ABCnoRio ( with Bambi as well as with the drunk punkband Public Nuisance. SEWAGE has performed at a number of squat shows even playing withthe Casualties at the 13th Street Squat. The band lived in the squats and on the streets yet werenot crusties or politically activists. Rather, the group's members fought street and bar fights, aswell as challenging abusive authority in a time when gentrification was starting back when policewere shutting down the neighborhood and evicting artists and musicians for purposes ofdevelopment. Spike and Sewage were selected as the quintessential punk look and wereincluded in the filming of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame's documentary the History of Punk Rock,a permanent instalment at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where a photo of younger Spikestands in front of CBGBs in 1998. Sewage is a mainstay on the New York Tristate Punk andPunk Rock scene having performed live on Crucial Chaos WNYU radio a s well as a couple ofSquat Pirate radio stations. SEWAGE has performed frequently at CBGB's with the Ramonesas Dee Dee Ramone was a friend of the band and also included SEWAGE in his fanzineShooting Dope. In 1998, Paul Indrek Kostabi, namesake and owner of the world renown artgallery KOSTABI WORLD, arranged SEWAGE to be signed to a record deal on Grim ReaperRecords after the band had recorded a split 7 inch vinyl release with the band Hammer Brain in1996. Spike Polite then signed with Eastwood Talent which placed him (as a model and actor)and the band, in many commercials and movies. To name a couple: Armani, Debra Harry'sclothing line, NYPD Blue's Players, a Sony commercial, 200 Cigarettes film, Requiem for aDream film, Late Night with David Letterman and many other projects. SEWAGE hasperformed frequently at the Tompkins Square Park memorial concerts remembering the 1988& 1991 Riots each year. In 1998 SEWAGE, performed in the Spike Lee’s produced film"Summer of Sam" on ABC/WALT DISNEY in which SEWAGE was used in the televisioncommercial for the movie, as well as in the Entertainment TV station with host Howard Stern.After the filming, SEWAGE released their self-titled full length CD which was sold through TowerRecords and Coconut Records nationwide permitting SEWAGE to perform at larger venues.The record release event was at Club Life where they performed with the punk legends TheDickies, In 1999, Spike joined MTV video jockey Jessie Camp as the guitarist for the bandJessie Camp & the 8th Street KIDZ in the MTV music video “See You Around”( which costarred Marky Ramone of the Ramones and ReverendRun from the proto rap group Run DMC in the song "SEE YOU AROUND" on HollywoodRecords which aired every hour on the hour on MTV for dozens of weeks.In 2000, Sewage was put on hold as Spike took a hiatus reforming the band in 2009. (thendisbanding and reforming again in 2013). In 2010, the reformed SEWAGE (which includedLucky Strano, on guitar and Early Gates on drums-both of the band Morning Glory and ChrisRyan of Team Spider and Johan Rubeline, bass player of Autonotos) released the EP “Out ofHell A-live” which included the singles “What Happened to Punk Rock”, “Rock N RollRevolution”, “Detox Doll (Live in Tompkins Square Park)”, “Sewage Hi Def (Live in TompkinsSquare Park)” and “Subway Surfing in the Bronx”.In 2010 Spike signed to a reality documentary deal with "Dedicated Lane Productions" titled“Resurrecting Spike” to film his adaptation to how society and the Lower East Sideneighborhood had changed drastically due to gentrification during the previous decade.In 2017 Spike while touring Italy signed a deal with the Italian punk rock label ProfessionalPunkers to release their 4th LP by the name of “The Italian Sessions” which consists of 14tracks recorded with multiple Italian punk rock musicians that joined the studio to record thealbum, the album is already available in every digital store and it will be soon printed in Europeto be distributed internationally with the aid of multiple labels.

    Spike Polite & Sewage NYC "The Italian Sessions" - NEW ALBUM 2017 !!

    € 10,00Prezzo
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