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  • The Seeker "Malaya" - Bandcamp:

    12" Vinyl Gray Splatter and Black version


    Produced with the help of:

    delusion of terror (philippines) 
    professional punkers records (italy) 
    lapaguis records (italy) 
    hidden hands records (italy) 
    disadattack zine (italy) 
    saitan diy records (austria) 
    punti scena records (italy) 
    hardcore for losers (austria) 
    el bastardo records (hungary) 
    dead punx records (belgium) 
    rumori in cantina (italy) 
    zas autoproduzioni (italy)


    have you ever felt like drowning in your own sea of shit? 
     ''we are ther captain of our own sinking ship''

    Play the tune and I'll end it here, living like this is worse than death. 
    I've nothing more to lose or gain, so what's the point of fucking trying? 
    such is a life of a wretched man!

    I don't have desires, I dont have dreams, 
    im the captain of my own fucking sinking ship, my sinking ship. 
    I don't have desires (say it)I dont have dreams (scream it) 
    if you can relate then sink with me! sink with me!

    the world is a fucked up place we live in, death will be our only relief. 
    love,lust, and pain, I've felt it all. aint no more stories to be told.

    'cause i'm a fucking realist, death will be our only relief. 
    why live in misery?

    The Seeker "Malaya" - Vinyl 12" - Black and Gray version

    € 15,00Prezzo
    12" Vinyl
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