Jesse Mosher Biography:

Jesse Mosher is an American all-around artist, born in 1977, he paints using a new style that goes way beyond traditional painting, in fact he organically incorporates the philosophies and the mechanics of the Rock N Roll, amateur wrestling and cave painting. 


In his early career he was also a highschool, International , and college wrestler at Amherst High School, Team Massachusetts, Team New England, Umass Lowell, Fresno city college. 1991-1998


The purpose of his work is to convert violence, suffering and hatred into a physical performance by generating a realistic portrait of the artists that inspired him throughout his life. He lives and works in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY USA, and he collaborated with American artists like CJ Ramone, The Damned, The Jabbers and Sewage following them on tour around the world.


All of his paintings were done live with live bands, all across the USA, in South America, Canada, Europe and in his studios, Boston, MA, S.F, CA, and Brooklyn, NY.


Jesse has done art for 6 continents with over 15,000 signed prints and originals sold. 2,502 paintings made since 9/1998.


He has toured three times in Europe and 3 times in Italy for Professional Punkers, on his first time in Italy he was already immediately booked to perform on a big Festival in Milan (Italy) for a Joe Strummer Tribute which had him featured on Rolling Stone Magazine.

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