The Crooks Biography:

We are in Milan in sultry August 1997 when Fab (vocals and guitar) gives birth to what will be the first formation of THE CROOKS.

They had a dozen of pices in repertoire: rough punk'n'roll with hints of 70 ' glam that from the first listen will bring you back in time... up to an old summer of about twenty years ago, the streets are dirty and crowded in NY with Johnny Thunders and New York Dolls.
Since the early years of the Crooks they dedicated their time almost exclusively to live, sharing the stafe until today with names such as Libertine (USA), Happy Revolvers and Jackpot (USA), later also with Glucifer (NW) and The Datsuns (NZ), Vice Squad (UK), The Queers (USA) and No Means No (CA), Prima Donna (USA), 999 (UK), Eddie and the Hot Rods (UK), Jim Jones Revue (UK) and recently with Green Day during their secret show in Milan occurred during the live organized by The Crooks and Prima Donna (US) at the Arci Ohibò in Milan (Italy).


The Crooks always observe, learn, play, looking for a style, their unique style!.

Since 2009, The Crooks entered the stables of the German People Booking Billig, and playing all over Europe regularly with excellent results of the public and press.


Always wild, wild and arrogant! the Crooks are now one of the best live bands Italian and among the most respected abroad with their sound coming straight to the heart of rock and roll!

The Crooks Discography:

Starting from 1999 to 2012, the band released a 45 (You make me feel so sick) / an EP (The Dog) / an EP on 7 "(15 wasted years, White zoo records), four albums, two of which for Tre Accordi Records / Self (Speed kills, Nothing to lose) one for the English UK Division Records (High society r'n'r), and the last for Dischi Volo Libero (Atomic Rock) as well as a large number of songs scattered in various compilations and tributes across the world (Joey Ramone Italian Tribute / Metallik KO, Johnny Thunders Tribute / R3, Locals Comp / La Skaletta, Rock sound punk special / n ° 10,14 ... Sounds of Undergroud Vol.1 / I buoni maestri/ VoloLibero etc.).

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